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Renwen International The elastic rent server is an on-demand, pay-per-use physical server rental service that provides for core databases, critical application systems, and high-performance computing services with dedicated cloud high-performance, securely isolated physical cluster. Minute-level delivery cycles help your business gain real-time business responsiveness and help your core business grow at a rapid pace.

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Features and advantages

  • Computer room quality
    Renwen International Data center construction are based on T3+ IDC computer room evaluation standards
  • Pure SSD Structure
    With high-speed Sas3 SSD, random read and write up to 50000 IOPS, throughput up to 800Mb / s
  • Advanced hardware configuration
    Renwen International The server uses advanced system hardware configuration information to ensure user information and visiting
  • worry-free aftersale service
    Real-time monitoring and alarm system, monitoring center and maintenance personnel work on 7*24 hours, full-service professional escort
  • One-click operation
    Renwen International The server uses one-click automation, one-click restart, reinstall, etc., and responds promptly
  • Resource Monitoring
    Integrated monitoring real-time detection of operating status, timely feedback of relevant information, to avoid omissions, safe and worry-free

Product Features

Product Advantages

  • Function category
  • Automated Operation
  • Calculate
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Control
  • Function
  • Minute delivery
  • No CPU performance loss
    No CPU feature loss
  • No memory resources to compete
  • Compatible with cloud disk system
    System disk fast resetting
    Multiple VM mirror system
    System fast installing

  • Compatible with classic network
    VPC without communication obstacle between physical machine cluster and virtual machine cluster
  • User experience such as VNC is consistent with Web Hosting
    Out-of-band network security monitoring
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  • Physical Hosting
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  • x
  • Web Hosting
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Context of Use

  • core database
    • Cluster deployment
    • Large capacity
    • High reliability
    Meet the performance and security requirements of the core database, Renwen InternationalProvides a variety of servers to support automated mounting of shared cloud drives
  • High-Performance Computing
    • Low latency
    • High performance
    • Easy to expand
    For scene features of high computation, high throughput, support for the latest Intel CPU computing examples, combined with 100G IB network, bring low latency performance experience
  • Big data
    • Dedicated instance
    • Context of Use
    • Easy of use
    Meet the requirements for data large capacity and fast switching , provide 128G memory and 32T local disk large-capacity computing examples, combine with cloud drive to achieve elastic expansion
  • Virtualization
    • High performance
    • Low latency
    • Large capacity
    IT infrastructure is developing in the direction of resource sharing, solving the performance bottleneck problem during peak business hours in a shared resource environment, and improving the flexibility of enterprise or organization IT infrastructure business support